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Welcome to Novel International School

Wish to see your child Winner!!!
Let the child join NOVEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Unique Novel Endeavor!!

School with the motto TOGETHER WE FLY.. Believes in giving freedom for imagination of creative little minds and talents. A farsighted school is initiated by the prophetic Novel Group of Institutes; the Group known for quality education, readiness to change and 360° development of a child.

Novel Group of Institute Management believes that an individual, awakened through the knowledge of self, through a process of education may further join hands with like-minded individuals, leading further as a catalyst to socio-economic change. Novel Group fosters the highest standard of education, training and individual development.

Novel School aims to convert all the potential information one comes across into meaningful knowledge and valuable assets in the form of budding future citizens of India. Novel International School is newly emerging pathway to excellent educations by talented veteran teachers sharing real time knowledge and high-quality values and morals with the students in well designed classrooms and infrastructure.

Joining Novel International School at the starting phase of life is the assurance of brilliant future of budding talents and development of decent, learned and responsible citizen of India.

The NOVEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is built as center of excellence to educate students from Jr.Kg to 10th Std, that offers rigorous individualized academic program. Under the belief that children who learnt together learnt to live together, we would like to create student community that reflects the rich diversity of our great country INDIA.

Our philosophy of inclusion will instill students with respect for all caste, creed and religion and will develop empathy, social responsibility and world stewardship.

Novel Trust started by the professionals with a dream and foresight to build human capital of our country, had set up NOVEL GROUP OF INSTITUTES of which THE NOVEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is the latest inclusion.  


To become an ideal role model for novel teaching and learning spreading the Indian talent and ethos over the whole World.


Our mission is to inculcate talents and creativity in students , who will be taught to develop academic excellence, creative leadership and to become persons with strong moral character , human values and ethics to build just and equitable World.