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Prachi Manerikar 23 May 2019

'Currency' activity with our ' Global Partners' It gives me a great joy and happiness to share the experience which I and my students had in conducting the activity with our Global Partners from Mexico( Formus School). The plan was about the 'Currency' activity wherein my students have made some posters giving information of the Indian currency and also have presented a powerpoint presentation giving information of history of Indian currency and the usage of new Indian coins and notes after demonetisation. Our global partner school students were amazed and happy to learn about Indian currency and hence had recorded their experineces about learning through our videos. I and my students were very happy to watch the videos sent by our partner school students wherein they had recorded their experience of learning by this 'globally connecting classrooms' project. Even the coordinator of our Global Partner school , Mr. Sergio Moreno has shared that the students in Mexico are learning English language as their second language and we Indian school through our videos are helping them to learn English language as well. Its a proud thing for me as my students are helping our Global partners to learn Indian culture and are helping them to learn a new language. It was a great experinece for me as well as my students to deliver the information of Indian currency to our Global Partners and especially to the students who are learning English as their second language. I hope we keep on planning and conducting such projects and give global exposure to our students on a regular basis. To sum up it was a fantastic experience.

Anmika Bhattacharjee 21 May 2019

I am elated to share that children of std 3rd have performed a shopping activity using both Indian and Singaporean currency.By doing this the children have learnt to compare the value of both the currencies.Accordingly they have exchanged their money in the foreign money exchange counter and performed the shopping activity.

Kashish Sachdev 28 Feb 2019

It was an elated moment to experience prodigious performance by pre-primary students.By this activity UKG children knew & learnt songs of different countries. LKG students were explained national flowers of different countries.It was thoroughly enjoyable experience for all the students.

Nirali Bhavsar 01 Feb 2019

I am happy to share that our little novel champs of Grade-1 are learning new things at the age of 7.Wonderful diagrams like 'Water cycle' and Flow chart of 'The sources of water'are drawn in their book.I am proud of that children,who are future leaders of tommorrow, are not only learning about this but practically applying the thoughts regarding how to save water and other natural resources.

Nilakshi Jadhav & Pooja Kashid 14 Jan 2019

It was our pleasure to see our student Kartik Rai from Std 3, Lotus to win first prize in MS paint in Pune region Cyber Champ inter school competition conducted by City Pride School and sponsored by Persistent systems. It is a prestigious competition and schools all over Pune participate in it.

Shweta Gurjar 20 Sep 2018

It was an elated moment to experience prodigious performance by Grade-3.An activity that explained about handling foreign currencies along with Indian currencies . It was thoroughly enjoyable experience to see the students performing so adeptly.