Welcome to Novel International School !!!


 The academic systems at Novel International School follow CBSE Curriculum. Teaching at Novel is student-centered, project-   based, and incorporates the multiple intelligences concept. While the general curriculum is followed by every student, he or   she  is also encouraged to develop talents and interests in personal areas of academic interest, and in sport, theatre music and   dance, for which facilities are outstanding. Novel aims to develop motivated, confident articulate students with the skills   necessary for independent study.

Activity-based teaching

At Novel all subjects are approached with experiential learning instead of textbook-based learning. This simply means that all students are allowed to experience first what they will be taught and only then read or learn about it. Some examples of this would be: learning about plants by going on guided nature walks and field trips. These activities ensure that your child has grounded fundamentals because activity-based learning aids in retrieving the information learned even after your child's schooling is complete.

Audio-Visual Room

Children have access to Audios videos and documentaries, related to their curriculum.

Art & Craft

Children are taught to make use of readily available items to celebrate special occasions at school. Be it presenting a bouquet to the guest of honor or celebrating Rakhi, use handcrafted items etc.

Debates & Dramatics

At Novel International School, communication skills are given utmost importance. While general communication takes place in English, the Literary Club at the school schedules a number of activities in the calendar, to ensure that children get ample opportunity to participate in oratory competitions as well.

Different Clubs: Here at Novel we will be having different clubs LIKE SCIENCE CLUBS, G.K CLUB AND MATHS CLUB which will enhance the knowledge of the students and help them to perform well in competitive exams.